What is Havensrock?

Havensrock is a family of wellbeing-enabled insurance products and services.  These have been especially designed with today’s diverse and changing workforce in mind. They focus on helping your employees to proactively look after their health and wellbeing and live well.

How can Havensrock benefit your business?

The Havensrock range of products and services is specifically designed to support your employees’ health & wellbeing.

  • Research shows that healthy and happy employees are more productive and engaged.
  • Havensrock focuses on employees’ physical and mental wellbeing and provides early intervention support. Helping you to keep employee absence to a minimum.
  • Havensrock has been independently researched and curated. We’ve partnered with leading insurers and providers to bring you a unique family of wellbeing-enabled products and services. Removing the leg work so you don’t have to review the market.
  • Havensrock provides value for money. The comprehensive range of benefits available means that as an employer, you can look after all your employees, not just those who are ill.
  • They offer peace of mind that help is on hand when it’s needed most.
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Havensrock benefits are distributed and administered by Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing Limited, part of the Howden Insurance Group