Covid-19 &
Your Private
Medical Insurance


What this means to you and your employees

As the current Covid-19 crisis took hold, private hospitals in the UK were seconded by the NHS to provide essential medical support and treatment to those affected by the virus. We wanted to explain what this means for your Havensrock PMI scheme and how members can still enjoy access to healthcare and wellbeing services.

Changes you need to be aware of

The PMI provider for this scheme is AXA PPP. They are still pre-authorising eligible claims so members can have private treatment as soon as it becomes available again.

AXA-PPP have also launched a new Clinical Support Centre, to help your members get the support and care they need. This new service will give members quick and easy remote access to specialists and practitioners available by telephone, video or online. Helping them reach the right expert at the right time – from the safety of their own home.

The Clinical Support team will direct them to the most appropriate specialist for the right support and advice, without needing an NHS GP referral letter. Please note that if they have a concern related to coronavirus, they should visit NHS 111 online.

Keeping your employees informed

This assurance applies to all SME groups who had a Havensrock PMI or AXA PPP healthcare private health insurance plan on the 1 January 2020. And any new customers who joined before 1 April 2020. 

To ensure that you are able to keep all members of your scheme informed of these changes and what this means for them, AXA PPP has produced a member update which you can download here.   

Don’t forget members still have access to a wide range of health and wellbeing benefits


  • Med24

    Members can book a call with a fully qualified, practicing GP – real-time face to face eConsultations, private prescription services, health monitor to store your medical notes, direct referral to private medical insurance.

  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

    Accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year this telephone support service offers counselling, advice and support when members need it. If an insured members or one of their family members have any problems, whether they are personal, legal or financial then the EAP can provide confidential advice to help to resolve them.

  • Health at Hand

    A 24/7 helpline answered by a team of nurses, counsellors, midwives and pharmacists. The team are here to support members and their family with any advice they may need with regard to a specific health worry, medication or treatment query, or to simply provide information and reassurance.

  • Stronger Minds

    Stronger Minds provides a simpler, faster journey to mental health treatment and support. Confidential access supporting earlier intervention with no GP referral required, direction to the most appropriate course of treatment straight away and access to counsellor support and guidance.

  • Health Gateway

    This is an online service that has a number of tools that will support behavioural changes, as well as providing a range of powerful interventions should members wish to address specific health and wellbeing concerns

  • Working Body

    Working Body can be accessed as soon as musculoskeletal symptoms arise without a GP referral. A scheduled clinical consultation takes place with a physiotherapist who will discuss with members the most appropriate treatment pathway and will support them through to recovery

Please do get in touch with your dedicated consultant or call us on 0203 327 5700 if you need any further information or support.