Give your employees unlimited access to speak to a GP any time day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Having to wait to speak to a GP when you’re feeling unwell can cause worry and stress. And with waiting times for doctors’ appointments at an all-time high, it can mean that employees have prolonged time off work while they wait for a diagnosis or treatment.

That’s where Med24 can help.

With our virtual GP service your employees can speak to a fully qualified, practicing GP, any time day or night, 365 days a year, from wherever they are in the world. Providing peace of mind and fast access to medical advice when it’s needed most.

76% of callers to Med24 get the diagnosis or advice they need without having to see another medical professional.

How it helps you

  • Having to wait to see a GP can be frustrating and may result in prolonged illness . So its reassuring to know that your employees can book a call or real time ‘face-to-face’ eConsultation with a doctor at a time and place to suit them.
  • Med24’s private prescriptions services means that your employees can get their medication quickly sent to their home or place of work. Getting them on the road to recovery fast.
  • Your employees can access Health monitor which stores their medical notes and can help them to find nearby healthcare services. Great when they are on the move and need medical support away from home.
  • Not being able get a GP appointment can cause unnecessary sickness absence, as well as employees coming to work when they are not well – making their health issues worse. Med24 provides your staff with peace of mind, that they can quickly get medical advice when they need it most.
  • Med24 is a cost-effective employee benefit. As an employer it can help you to:
    • Manage employee sickness absence
    • Boost employee engagement as staff really value it
    • Put your people in control of their healthcare needs

How it helps your employees

Med24 gives your employees access to a GP surgery, 24/7, 365 days a year.  They can use it to speak to a practicing GP over the phone or face-to-face via a webcam.

  • Unlimited use. Employee can use the service as often as they need to. And unlike other virtual GP services where appointment times are limited to ten minutes, the Med24 solution gives you access to unlimited consultation times.
  • It’s a GP surgery, in your pocket – employees can access it at home, work or on the move. Giving them fast and convenient medical support.
  • Med24 can be accessed from anywhere in the world and your employees’ loved ones can use it too. So, they have peace of mind that they and their family can get the medical support they need, when they really need it.
  • All Med24’s GPs have the relevant qualifications as your employees’ NHS GP. They can speak to them for;
    • A diagnosis
    • Medical advice
    • A prescription
    • And for referrals
  • Med24 removes the worry of having to wait for an NHS appointment.
  • Your employees can use the app to book appointments quickly, discover a world of useful health information or to find local healthcare services. Putting them in control.

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