Havensrock Thrive

With poor mental health costing UK employers more than £33 billion a year and accounting for 15.8 million lost working days, the need for effective solutions has never been greater. That’s where Havensrock Thrive comes in.

Havensrock Thrive is a mental health app which focuses on preventing, screening and managing common mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and mild-depression. The app uses clinically effective methods, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques to help employees manage their mental health. By encouraging employees to seek support early, Havensrock Thrive allows for prevention of problems before they become severe.

Specialist mental health support when it’s needed most

But if intervention is required, your employees can be safe in the knowledge that they can speak in confidence to a dedicated mental health nurse at RedArc.  The award-winning team provide long-term emotional advice and practical information to employees suffering from mental ill health to help them get back to their best.




Help your employees to prevent mental health conditions occurring.

Early Detection

Detect conditions before they become too severe.


Early intervention can help treat mental health conditions effectively and improve recovery rates.

How it helps you

As an employee benefit, Havensrock Thrive can help to:

  • Reduces costs associated to staff turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Provide effective support to all employees – those with and without mental health conditions.
  • Compliment your wellbeing strategy & increase employee engagement. Havensrock Thrive can be integrated with your current wellbeing services.
  • Reduce your insurance claims.
  • Keep you in the picture. You’ll receive quarterly reports highlighting the top three stressors so you can quickly identify what needs to increase wellbeing in your workplace.
  • Track ROI.
  • Build a more resilient and happier workforce.

How it helps your employees

Havensrock Thrive can help your employees by:

  • Giving them quick and convenient access to clinically proven tools. The app can be accessed whenever and wherever suits them.
  • Long-term one to one confidential support from the same registered mental health nurse at RedArc, who can also organise a suitable course of face to face specialist therapy or counselling.
  • Being easily accessible. The app is available on all Apple and Android devices and online via a web browser.
  • Helping them to learn to relax. They can manage stress and anxiety using NHS-approved techniques.
  • Offering support when they need it most. Meaning that no one has to suffer in silence as help is always on hand.

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Havensrock Thrive is provided by Thrive and RedArc.
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