Healthy staff = happy staff

Havensrock is the simple and cost-effective way to support wellbeing in the workplace

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Be Well

Looking after your employee wellbeing is now a priority for many UK employers. With more of us having to work for longer than ever before, the need to have a fit and healthy workforce has never been greater.

Encouraging your employees to take proactive steps to look after their wellbeing can help you to have an active, happier and more productive workforce.

Stay Well

At the times when your employees don’t feel their best, it’s good to know that Havensrock offers a range of services to help them get back on track.

Private Medical Insurance
Quick access to medical advice & treatment to help get employees back to their best, fast.

Peace of mind that your employees can speak to a GP 24/7, 365 days a year. Reducing the amount of worry and time away from work.